Reddot Design Award 2019 Portable printing capability at the fingertips of smartphone users around the world. New versatile core technology XDR Digital Stamp.
We Embedded Intelligence group offerings meet end to end diverse business requirements with comprehensive domain knowledge.
Empower your business to be more fruitful, responsive and operative, competent.
Transcend your end to end IoT environment for improved accessibility, consistency, performance and security.
Business revolution re-imagined with powering safety and mission-critical capability.
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Unizen Technologies is focused on providing niche embedded solutions that translate into innovative products. Our commitment to quality engineering is realized through tailor-made Product Engineering, Professional Services and Technology Innovation Alliance Program. Our strong delivery model and expertise in bleeding-edge technologies make us the preferred vendor for the most challenging engineering problems.


We build a better world by delivering intelligent services, innovation, strategic market insights, and improved profitability.

Applications & Managed services

Unizen Technologies AMS teams provide a complete application life cycle, a complete solution to monitor, maintaining client applications and technology infrastructure.

Product Engineering & Professional Services

Unizen provides product engineering solutions and professional services in the embedded domain.

Defense & Aerospace

Unizen Technologies offers System Engineering solutions for building safety & mission Critical systems used in Defense & Aerospace applications.

Products and Services

Empower your enterprise with our cutting-edge technologies.

Music Player

Unizen Technologies provided a Music Player which synchronized with most popular Applications like Amazon Music, Gaana, Saavn and Spotify with high audio resolution and Great battery life, streaming music with offline and online.

Smart Water Meter

Smart water meter is a Cloud Based-complete water solution that provides accurate meter reading helps to measure, monitor and control water-leakage, save the time and energy, it gives remote flow control, wireless & self-contained.

Mobile Printer

A portable printer to print customized designs on cigarette packs. LCD multi-touch display to select the designs and see the preview before the actual printing. It offers high-quality output with Instant print design anywhere and anytime.

Digital Stamp

We have built a digital stamp which works over Wi-Fi module with stack to communicate with external android device. Transfer stamps, pictures, custom art and signatures from the mobile application and voila it’s ready to print.

Smart Parking

We are the world’s leading providers of Smart Parking Technology LoRa wireless In-ground parking sensors enables the customer to find the right space quickly with just a minute, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Ability to track live.

Smart LED

IoT-enabled smart LED Bulb long-lasting, eco-friendly and feature robust smartphone comes with lifespan. It also connects to your Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing for hands-free voice control and remote on/off Auto-ON.

Industries and Domains

Our industry and domain are characterized by our dedicated practices and technology.

Telecom Industry

“We are the source of network software and services to the global telecom and datacom market”.

Number convenience increases worldwide force as more nations request telecom suppliers to enable supporters of keeping up their unique phone numbers while moving between suppliers. The new measures commit telecom suppliers to implant porting capacities in their foundation proficiently with the least expenses. Defeating difficulties like standard coupling, messages stream observing and by and large speed is basic for a fruitful rollout.


“Unizen Technologies has sound expertise in building solutions using technologies that are driving the market today around the Internet of Everything revolution”.

Internet of Everything is based on the idea that everyday objects can be readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable, and controllable via the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Domain Expertise

Unleashing engineering excellence & expertise across various domains.


We use diverse real-time working systems, platforms, embedded gear and technology for designing, developing, monitoring and testing out of the software for embedded components and structures in laptop networking, telecom and datacom.


We offer efficient multi-platform engineering network solutions for a variety of devices and provide a high-quality network protocol, layer 2/3 technologies, security, flow analytics to the end market.

RF & Microwave

Unizen technologies RF/Microwave Instrumentation as part of the Unizen Technologies family, which also includes RF and Microwave modules which are recognized around the globe for products that deliver both outstanding quality.

Application Development

We have a high-quality team member that develop an application which works in android and iOS system in LoRa-BLE Module. We are developing an end-to-end product solution that may integrate different technologies from various technology partners.

Our Technology Offerings

Our software-driven transformations to design, engineering and integration of data technologies from innovative experiences to new business.

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Adopt advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions, we help you benefit from reliable and cutting-edge advances.

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We provide industrial IoT ecosystems and smart infrastructure solutions. We provide smart product solutions to help the environment clean and healthy.

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Lifestyle Electronics

Unizen Technologies has sound expertise in providing Product Engineering Solutions for Products under Lifestyle Electronics vertical.

Our Strengths


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" It has been great pleasure working with Unizen Technologies, provided great service and product deliver on Time manner "
- Dell
" Very professional yet personal touch to your requirements. Highly recommendable Embedded Company "
- Samsung
" Unizen Technologies has a great experience in Embedded system and IoT field and very friendly and good technical team is here "
- Toshiba
" Their service are unique and completely customised to our requirement. They take complete care and personal interest for client satisfaction. We are very happy and satisfied with their work "
- Windriver
" Unizen provided an immense work experience in delivering a first-of-its-kind Music device. It’s been a year working with them "
- Mighty Audio
" I have worked for more than two years with Unizen Technologies on a software development project in the field of SPS (Special Printing Systems), including the build of suitable print algorithms from scratch. The commitment to the work during the entire project across the team was outstanding and result orientated with a successful result "
- Westiform GmbH & Co. KG
" Ontime committement by Unizen team, this is a firm foundation for a long term association "
- Cyient Limited
" The experience working with your team was good. The approach is professional and receipt of information and delivery happened as per our agreement. Technically your team is good and was capable of design and delivery of the products requested by us. We definitely have your team in mind whenever we are looking for new programmes where we feel the requirement for joint design with your team "
- Dilabs
" Unizen provided Technical Staff with the required skills in Windriver Workbench 3.3 & VxWorks 6.9 at Altran Technologies - Bangalore. Unizen SW Engineer Supported Altan in Migration of an Embedded Computing platform on QNX & ETX SBC to VxWorks 6.9 on a New ETX SBC. His contribution was valuable and helped the team in successfully completing the project "
- Altran India
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News And Press

XDR Digital Stamp, the e-generation handheld digital printer check out on The Gadgets 360 show.


ASX-Listed Satellite Company SAS Receives Grant From Polish Government.



Operating Systems

Shopping Basket

Music Player

A lightweight, durable, and affordable on­ the­ go audio player.

 Built to play audio from Spotify and can be used with or without an internet connection.

 Platform: TI AM335x, Linux.

 Connectivity: BLE + Wi-Fi Dual Module.

 Supports Music Streaming from Wi-Fi.

 Music Downloading for Offline Playback.

 BLE Connectivity for Remote Access and Configuration.

 Storage 8 GB.

 Battery 7.5 hours play.

Smart Water Meter

 Accurate Meter Reading.

 Remote Flow Control.

 Wireless & Self Contained.

 Cloud Based Architecture.

 Robust Electronics.

 Safe & Secure Data.

 Tamper Proof Design.

 Monitor each inlet in your home.

 Get instant alerts on leakages.

 Real Time Leak Detection & Control.

 2-years end-to-end warranty.

Mobile Printer

 Portable printer to print customized designs on cigarette packs.

 LCD multi touch display to select the designs and see the preview before the actual printing.

 QR Code Scanner to prevent unauthorized cigarette packs from Printing.

 In built features to display battery and ink level, updating the software, cleaning the ink print heads and setting the calibration.

 6Gbit DDR3L memory and 64Gbit of eMMC for internal storage.

 10.1-inch Display and 10.1-inch capacitive multi touch panel.

Digital Stamp

 180Mhz STMicroelectronics Microcontroller.

 64Mbit SRAM memory. FPGA to handle the Print engine.

11.1 Volts Nominal Battery with minimum of 600mAH capacity.

 Wi-Fi module with stack to communicate with external android device.

Compact, lightweight and easy to use the e-generation Digital Stamp. Print the Stamps in any surface.

 Easy to configure  using  Wi-Fi  Connectivity with the bundled Android App.

 Transfer stamps, pictures, custom art and signatures from the App and voila it’s ready to print.

Smart Parking

 Battery Operated, LoRa Wireless In-Ground Parking Sensors.

 Long Range LoRa interface reduces the number of Gateways required.

 3G interface on Gateways for independent connectivity to Cloud without intruding the private network of the enterprise.

 Plug & Play System as there is no integration required with the enterprise systems.

 Ability to track high-demand parking areas and monitor patterns.

 2 years minimum Battery Life.

Check-in & check-out using Breeze Smart Parking App, Pre book your parking space and mark as your favourite.

 Instant Alert on misuse of parking space by exceeding limit.

 Compatible for Android & iOS.

Smart LED

 Wireless Control of LED illuminated signage.

 Built-in ambient light sensor for light-dependent control.

 Dimming range of 10 – 100% & Energy Saving.

 Non-volatile memory for the configuration settings.

 Built-in BLE & LoRa interface for configuration by Mobile App.

 Can be upgraded in existing systems.

 Colour effect in accordance with corporate design specifications.

 Maintains the desired light intensity.

 Android & iOS.

Product Engineering Solutions

Under Product Engineering Solutions, Unizen provides End-to-End solutions for the customers to realize their product from the concept level.

Product Engineering Solutions offered by Unizen includes:

  • Product Specification
  • Product Design
  • Software Design & Development
  • Electronic Hardware Design and Development
  • RTL Design and Development
  • PCB Design
  • Product Integration
  • Product Verification & Validation
  • Certification Pre-Compliance Verification
  • Production Support
  • Product Support & Maintenance
  • Upload Resume: