We boost safety, drive better and comprehensive high performance, telematics Automotive infotainment system.

Automotive Infotainment System

“Boost safety and convenience with a smart automotive Infotainment system.”

Information + Entertainment = Infotainment system

Our infotainment system aims to provide a secure, reliable and convenient. As a establish in the associated vehicle space, Unizen keeps on driving the eventual fate of in-vehicle encounters. From implicit infotainment and correspondence answers for a scope of associated security contributions, we start to finish arrangements give propelled availability to introduce a new century time of driving.

Automotive Infotainment Service System

Automotive Infotainment Service System

Entertainment services

Rear Smart Entertainment

Our most recent Rear Smart Entertainment framework will take any vehicle to a higher standard capacitive touch screen with full HD goals, these screens will be the motivation to need to sit in the secondary lounge. Mirror your telephone and work it legitimately from the touch screen, watch motion pictures and tune in to music through our mixed media inputs.

Information services

Provide a complete information service many benefits driver’s workplaces and ensuring route navigation is more efficient. Passengers complete standard generator and analyze item portfolio covering every single key innovation for vehicle infotainment frameworks.

Benefits of our infotainment solution

  • The most complete solution for the infotainment solution.
  • It meets with the latest technologies and perfect performance.
  • Advanced driver assistant functions.

Unizen Technologies – Your partner for the infotainment system

  • Partnership and trust.
  • Support 24*7 standard.
  • Focus on customer requirements.