BLE 5.1 Module for Smart Wearables

July 2, 2020 by Unizenweb with no comment AI at Edge

Unizen Technologies is launching the first BLE Module to fight the Covid-19 to help Curb the spread of the Covid19. The module is a TINY size and can be packaged in smallest possible wearable bands. It also comes with Ready to Package features including Firmware, Mobile SDK and Cloud SDK for application specific features. The Sleep current is only 1.6uA, which is the least in the industry and will enable upto several months of battery on a single coin cell battery.


  • Launching Tiny BLE Module for Wearables
  • Low Cost Design with Maximum Battery
  • Life
  • Android and iOS Mobile APP SDK
  • Cloud API
  • FCC/CE/UL Certified
  • Bluetooth SIG


  • Social Distance Monitor
  • Quarantine Tracker
  • Blood pressure meters & Thermometers
  • Fitness trackers & Sport watches
  • Remote controls & Consumer appliances
  • Home & Industrial automation


  • Body Temperature, Buzzer, LED, Tamper, Flash


  • Host of tracking features in single window for Institutional Agencies and Company
  • Quarantine with fool-proof solution with help of lockable Smart Wristband
  • Geo-fence any location and zone
  • Live Tracking of Quarantine and Employees
  • Map proximity distance with Quarantine or Infected person
  • Control rapid spread of Pandemic
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications
  • Monitor sudden spike in body temperature
  • Increase the productivity of Company
  • Map the solution for many application in future for IT Companies, Industries, Construction, FMCG, Public/Private Sector, Healthcare, Mentally challenge in NIMHANS, Old-age Homes, Educational Institutions, Delivery Person, Kids and many use cases.

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Unizen Technologies is launching the first BLE Module to fight the Covid-19 to help Curb the spread of the Covid19. The module is a TINY size and can be packaged in smallest

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