We Embedded Intelligence group offerings meet end to end diverse business requirements with comprehensive domain knowledge.
Empower your business to be more fruitful, responsive and operative, competent.
Transcend your end to end IoT environment for improved accessibility, consistency, performance and security.
Business revolution re-imagined with powering safety and mission-critical capability.
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Unizen Technologies is focused on providing niche embedded solutions that translate into innovative products. Our commitment to quality engineering is realized through tailor-made Product Engineering, Professional Services and Technology Innovation Alliance Program. Our strong delivery model and expertise in bleeding-edge technologies make us the preferred vendor for the most challenging engineering problems.


We build a better world by delivering intelligent services, innovation, strategic market insights, and improved profitability.

Applications & Managed services

Unizen Technologies AMS teams provide a complete application life cycle, a complete solution to monitor, maintaining client applications and technology infrastructure.

Product Engineering & Professional Services

Unizen provides product engineering solutions and professional services in the embedded domain.

Defense & Aerospace

Unizen Technologies offers System Engineering solutions for building safety & mission Critical systems used in Defense & Aerospace applications.

Products and Services

Empower your enterprise with our cutting-edge technologies.

Smart Wearable COVID-19 Tracker

Smart Wristband using advanced BLE technology to track and monitor the Quarantined cases to ensure that they are staying isolated. Live Tracking, Body Temperature and Geo-Fencing will track the real-time movement and alert when a person moves out from his home. 

Smart Water Meter

Smart water meter is a Cloud Based-complete water solution that provides accurate meter reading helps to measure, monitor and control water-leakage, save the time and energy, it gives remote flow control, wireless & self-contained.

Mobile Printer

A portable printer to print customized designs on cigarette packs. LCD multi-touch display to select the designs and see the preview before the actual printing. It offers high-quality output with Instant print design anywhere and anytime.

Music Player

Unizen Technologies provided a Music Player which synchronized with most popular Applications like Amazon Music, Gaana, Saavn and Spotify with high audio resolution and Great battery life, streaming music with offline and online.

Smart Parking

We are the world’s leading providers of Smart Parking Technology LoRa wireless In-ground parking sensors enables the customer to find the right space quickly with just a minute, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Ability to track live.

Smart LED

IoT-enabled smart LED Bulb long-lasting, eco-friendly and feature robust smartphone comes with lifespan. It also connects to your Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing for hands-free voice control and remote on/off Auto-ON.

Industries and Domains

Our industry and domain are characterized by our dedicated practices and technology.

Telecom Industry

“We are the source of network software and services to the global telecom and datacom market”.

Number convenience increases worldwide force as more nations request telecom suppliers to enable supporters of keeping up their unique phone numbers while moving between suppliers. The new measures commit telecom suppliers to implant porting capacities in their foundation proficiently with the least expenses. Defeating difficulties like standard coupling, messages stream observing and by and large speed is basic for a fruitful rollout.


“Unizen Technologies has sound expertise in building solutions using technologies that are driving the market today around the Internet of Everything revolution”.

Internet of Everything is based on the idea that everyday objects can be readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable, and controllable via the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.