We delivered product engineering life-cycle service
with cost-effective manner, reduce time and impact business solution.

Product Engineering & Professional Services

Unizen Technologies consistently works towards getting customer’s ideas to turn from concept to production-worthy solutions and products with a faster time-to-market. The team prides itself on a proven track record of delivering such solutions and products that are being used in electronic devices widely prevalent in the market today. Most of the products involve a tight integration.

with the open-source ecosystem such as Video Codecs, GStreamer Framework, Text-to-Speech Conversion Algorithms, OpenCV Algorithms, Image Recognition Systems, Low Power Wireless Stacks and Cloud-based Transaction Systems.

We have partnered with leading technology companies to provide complete and comprehensive solutions in the following segments.

Product Engineering Solutions

Unizen provides End-to-End solutions for the customers to realize their product from the concept level.

Product Engineering Solutions offered by Unizen includes:

  • Product Specification.
  • Product Design.
  • Software Design & Development.
  • Electronic Hardware Design and Development.
  • RTL Design and Development.
  • PCB Design.
  • Product Integration.
  • Product Verification & Validation.
  • Certification Pre-Compliance Verification.
  • Production Support.
  • Product Support & Maintenance.

Professional Services

Unizen offers the following range of services:

  • Customized Engineering Solutions.
  • System Integration.
  • Technology Consulting.
  • Porting & Migration.
  • Outsourced Services.
  • Onsite & Offshore Development Centres.
  • Onsite Development & Support Services.
  • Product Support & Maintenance.

Technology Innovation Alliance Program

In the modern era, the products are becoming more and more intelligent and complex. They integrate a variety of technologies. Many organization faces challenges in meeting the expertise level required in all the technologies required in the given product.

Unizen Technologies addresses this challenge through its Technology Innovation Alliance (TIA) program. By partnering with the right technology companies with complimenting skills, Unizen delivers integrated solutions to its customers. Unizen position itself as a single point-of-contact to its customers for developing end-to-end product solutions that may integrate different technologies from various technology partners.

Unizen Technologies is looking to expand its TIA network. If you are a vendor servicing in any of our focus areas, please mail us at contact@localhost for an innovative affiliation.