Music Player

A lightweight, durable and affordable on the ­go audio player.

Built to play audio from Spotify and can be used with or without an internet connection.

 Platform: TI AM335x, Linux.

 Connectivity: BLE* + Wi-Fi Dual Module.

 Supports Music Streaming from Wi-Fi.

 Music Downloading for Offline Playback.

 BLE* Connectivity for Remote Access and Configuration.

 Storage 8 GB.

 Battery 7.5 hours play.

* – (The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Unizen Technologies is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective)

Smart Water Meter

 Accurate Meter Reading.

 Remote Flow Control.

 Wireless & Self Contained.

Cloud-Based Architecture.

 Robust Electronics.

 Safe & Secure Data.

 Tamper Proof Design.

 Monitor each inlet in your home.

Instant alerts on leakages.

 Real-Time Leak Detection & Control.

2-year end-to-end Warranty.

Mobile Printer

 Portable printer to print customized designs on cigarette packs.

LCD multi-touch display to select the designs and see the preview before the actual printing.

 QR Code Scanner to prevent unauthorized cigarette packs from printing.

Inbuilt features to display battery and ink level, updating the software, cleaning the ink print heads and setting the calibration.

 16Gbit DDR3L memory and 64Gbit of eMMC for internal storage.

10.1-inch Display and a 10.1-inch capacitive multi-touch panel.

Digital Stamp

 180Mhz STMicroelectronics Microcontroller.

 64Mbit SRAM memory. FPGA to handle the Print engine.

11.1 Volts Nominal Battery with a minimum of 600 mAh capacity.

Wi-Fi module with stack to communicate with external android devices.

Compact, lightweight and easy to use the e-generation Digital Stamp. Print the Stamps on any surface.

Easy to configure  using  Wi-Fi Connectivity with the bundled Android App.

 Transfer stamps, pictures, custom art and signatures from the App and voila it’s ready to print.

Smart Parking

Battery operated, LoRa wireless In-ground Parking Sensors.

The long-range LoRa interface reduces the number of gateways required.

3G interface on gateways for independent connectivity to cloud without intruding the private network of the enterprise.

 Plug & Play System as there is no integration required with the enterprise systems.

 Ability to track high-demand parking areas and monitor patterns.

2 years of minimum Battery Life.

check-in & check-out using breeze Smart Parking App, Pre-book your parking space and mark as your favorite.

Instant alert on misuse of parking space by exceeding the limit.

 Compactible for Android & iOS.

Smart LED

 Wireless Control of LED illuminated signage.

 Built-in ambient light sensor for light-dependent control.

Dimming range of 10-100% & energy saving.

 Non-volatile memory for the configuration settings.

Built-in LoRa WiFi interfaces for configuration by mobile app.

It can be upgraded in existing systems.

The color effect in accordance with corporate design specifications.

 Maintains the desired light intensity.

 Android & iOS.