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The biggest challenge with COVID-19 is ensuring the quarantined cases are staying isolated.

The risk is some of them start moving out and starts spreading to community,which leads to ecponential community spread and
become unstoppable.

The best solution to avoid community is spread is to ensure the quarantined people stay isolated by GEO-FENCING.

To track person nearby and stay safe & away from Quarantined Person.

We provide an inexpensive innovative solution using advance technology to track and monitor the Quarantined cases and ensure that they are staying isolated.

Smart Tracker COVID_19 a Mobile App/Cloud developed by Unizen Technologies. Wr are Tech-Product Develpoment Companybased in Bangalore.
As world is facing a pandemic disease called Coronavirus which is spreading too fast in India. A COVID-TrackerApp will helping world in contract
tracking a quaranitined person and also rasied one’s alert level if one was in the locality of someone who has been tested COVID-19 positive. The best
solution to avoid community spread to ensure the quarantined people stay isolated by GEO-FENCING.We recommend extended and expanded use of
Smart Tracker COVID-19.Even after the lockdown to monitor and control the spread of virus.

Smart WistBand

24h Tracker/GEO-FENCING

Tracking Mobile APP

Tracking WEb APP

How it works:

Smart Tracker COVID-19 with help of Smart Wrist Band is wore by Quarntine/Covid positive. Mobile App is Designed and Developed
to keep a user informed in case she/he has crossed path with someone who has tested positive.The tracking is done throuhj Sensor Lock
Smart Wist Band and cloud/Mob Application.The smart wirst band is tracked live with GPS location using the quarantined persons smart
phone app makes use of GPS and Bluetooth to dertermine if a person is neaby or had been in contact with Corona infected person.

If the person attempts to movie out from the quarantined house, then an alert is send immediately tp the cloud with all required details to
Government od India. Then the Govt agencies can take necessary actions by live tracking the person, if necessary.

You will be alerted if someone you came in close proximity with. unknowingly. text positive.

The App is soon availabe on both Google Play( for Android Phones) and Apple App Store (for IOS).

Following are the 4 Key features which will enable the tracking.






After you have installed Smart Tracker COVID-19 in your phone, it will give you advantage like live tracking, Real time alerts,Notification,GEO-FENCING. By installing this App can figure out the risk of infection based
on sophisticated parameter if any of these contacts is tested positive.

The basic of this calculation which is done using sensor-lock,Bluetooth,Geo-fencing and artifical intelligence. The biggese challenge with COVID-19 is ensuring the using this smart COVID-19 tracking advance
technology to fight against Coronavirus and reduce the risk of pandemic disease to save our world.







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