Interoperability for IoT compatibility

As Wi-Fi enhances the preferred mode of connectivity, both private and corporate customers are choosing certified wireless products with more determination. Wi-Fi Alliance testing standards is an internationally recognized seal of endorsement, Manufacturers of wireless devices exchanged in global markets rely on certification to prove products that have faced industry standards for interoperability, security, and application-specific protocols.

We provide pre and official certification services compliant to Wi-Fi Alliance testing requirements for wireless devices using technology based on the IEEE 802.11 specification.

Also, we have experienced Wi-Fi engineers who can guide you in developing application-specific device (ASD) test plans and conduct comprehensive ASD certification testing.

We implement independent, third-party testing to ensure demanding customers quality products able to interact with other certified devices. Our experts can help you achieve Wi-Fi certification for all of your wireless products to ensure compliance, interoperability, and increased customer satisfaction.

Boost confidence in your wireless products with accredited Wi-Fi testing and certification.

Unizen wireless device testing and certification services

To obtain a Certification Identification Number (CID), documentation along with the application must be submitted to the Wi-Fi Alliance. Products are then assessed and tested according to the Wi-Fi Alliance test plan. Once a product test approval has been issued and testing has been successfully concluded, a report is generated for the Wi-Fi Alliance to review.

We provide accredited Wi-Fi testing services compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance test requirements. Our experienced engineers ensure the interoperability, security and compliance to industry standards with official Wi-Fi certifications.

Accredited testing facilities and global network for your Wi-Fi certification

we conduct independent pre and official certification testing to ensure your products are certified to successfully enter and compete in global markets. Our testing and certification services are compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance testing standards to demonstrate the ability of your wireless device to operate with other certified devices within a network or system using Wi-Fi technology. As an accredited Wi-Fi testing provider.