Wireless Certification

Wireless Certification

As the number of devices associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, manufacturers must test and ensure the interoperability of
their wireless products. Unizen specialists ensured certified interoperability testing and wireless certification services according to global
communication standards and guidelines. We set our comprehensive expertise to work for you to ensure you pick the correct wireless
innovation for your product.

Interoperability for IoT compatibility

Several communication standards and protocols teach how different wireless devices send and receive information and data. Unizen
interoperability testing helps you ensure your products are compatible with devices discovered in an IoT environment.
We provide complete testing and certification services for wireless devices. We work to provide you quick and cost-efficient access to
markets around the globe.

Products Certified

Inter-Connectivity for a Smart World.

Smart HMI – Industrial Lubrication Monitor

Digital Stamp – The First ever Innovative Handheld Printer

Smart Water Meter – Wireless Solution for Water Meter

Mobile Printer – Special Printer to Print on Cigarette Packs

Mighty Music Player – The First offline player Spotify and Amazon

Chipset and Modules

Hardware Wireless Chipsets and Modules

Broadcom 434XX, 4310XX
TI CC3200 & C3100

Cypress 4343, 43455, 43102
TI CC2640 and CC2650
Nordic, Dialog
Toshiba TC35XX

Semtech SX12XX

Quectel EC20
Nordic nRF91690



Operating System

RT Linux
Vx Works
Bare Metal Code
RTOS-FreeRTOS, Zephyr

Wireless Qualification Exprtise

WiFi Certification

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Qualification

WiFi Test Suite Porting

WiFi Test Suite Automation

Parameters Fine Tuning

WiFi RF Testing–







Device Driver Performance Testing

Troubleshoot and Documentation

Bluetooth Qualification

Bluetooth SIG Qualification

Profile Testing Suite Device Porting

PTS Automation

RF Testing

Bluetooth Audio Testing–A2DP/AVRCP

GATT Profile Testing

Bluetooth LE Testing

Bluetooth Connectivity Testing


IoT, Mobile, Automotive


Headset, Speakers

Compliance and Manufacturing Expertise

Compliance Expertise

Consulting on the certification process

Design review for compliance

Compliance test planning and firmware development

Pre-Compliance Testing

EMI/ EMC Testing

FCC/CE/UL Testing

Radio Emission Testing


Troubleshoot and Documentation

Manufacturing Support Expertise

Production Planning

JIG Design and Development

Manufacturing Diagnostic Firmware Development

Manufacturing Diagnostic Host Tool Development


Operation Optimization

BoM Supply Chain

Troubleshoot and Documentation

Products Certified

Mighty Music Player– The First offline player Spotify and

Digital Stamp–The First ever Innovative Handheld Printer

Mobile Printer–Special Printer to Print on Cigarette Packs

Smart Water Meter–Wireless Solution for Water Meter

Smart HMI –Industrial Lubrication Monitor

FCC/CE Certification Testing

In today’s market, it is significant for electronic product development companies to get their products made for FCC compliance testing and to
get them to market at the most advanced. FCC/CE Certification Testing secures that new product designs meet the specified CE/UL/FCC
norms. FCC compliance testing is necessary for a wide variety of products designed for the EU/US markets.

With over 7+ years of experience in embedded product design for the worldwide market, Unizen can help you with the product concept, design
and development, and FCC/CE Certification Testing. We offer FCC/CE compliance testing and certification process for a wide range of
products and devices for consumer and enterprise applications.



FCC compliance testing


Consulting on the CE/FCC process


Design review for FCC compliance


Hardware / Software / Enclosure Design services


EMI/EMC testing





Unizen wireless device testing and certification services

To obtain a Certification Identification Number (CID), documentation along with the application must be submitted to the Wi-Fi Alliance.
Products are then assessed and tested according to the Wi-Fi Alliance test plan. Once a product test approval has been issued and testing has
been successfully concluded, a report is generated for the Wi-Fi Alliance to review.

We provide accredited Wi-Fi testing services compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance test requirements. Our experienced engineers ensure the
interoperability, security and compliance to industry standards with official Wi-Fi certifications.

Accredited testing facilities and global network for your Wi-Fi certification

we conduct independent pre and official certification testing to ensure your products are certified to successfully enter and compete in global
markets. Our testing and certification services are compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance testing standards to demonstrate the ability of your wireless
device to operate with other certified devices within a network or system using Wi-Fi technology. As an accredited Wi-Fi testing provider.